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The Town of Winthrop carries out a Westernization program to promote the economic and general welfare of the community by enhancing the overall visual attractiveness of the Town through a thoughtful and consistent replication of history, design and appearance of a inland-Pacific Northwest frontier town as it might have looked in the late nineteenth century. Winthrop’s westernization standards and criteria promote and preserve attributes of a western town that may have existed between 1850 and 1900.

As explained in the comprehensive plan, structures and building elements consistent with the western theme form a key and indispensable part of the overall visual attractiveness of the Town and is an essential component of the community's economic development effort. Combined with Winthrop's location in a particularly scenic area attractive for recreation, the Westernization program contributes importantly to the economic well-being of the community and is in the public interest to maintain and improve. The Westernization Design Review Board (WDRB) is authorized to administer the Westernization program.


Westernization Ordinance 2017

Exhibit A - Fee Schedule

Exhibit B - Allowed Westernization Colors May 2017

Exhibit C - Allowed Westernization Fonts May 2017

Exhibit D - Overlay Map May 2017

New Westernization Structure Permit Application

WDRB Complaint Form

WDRB Sign Application 2018

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