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Domestic Violence
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What is Domestic Violence

When one person in an intimate relationship believes they have the right to control their partner's feelings, behaviors, and actions. This pattern of controlling behavior takes many forms-physical, sexual, and emotional, even death.

Physical Violence
Kicking, punching, shoving, slapping, and pushing. Throwing you against a wall, piece of furniture, etc.

Sexual Violence
Any unwanted touching, fondling, forced or pressured sex.
Using Sex as a weapon, rape, pornography, intimidation to do unwanted acts outside of comfort level, withholding sex.

Verbal Violence
Name calling, degrading comments, threatening to take the children away.
Lying, deceitfulness, interrogating, demeaning, yelling, sarcasm, etc.

Emotional Violence
Double standards, crazy-making behaviors, isolation from friends and family.
Playing mind games, harming pets, withholding or controlling the money, immature behavior, stalking, harrasing, destroyoing your prized possessions or clothing.
Threatening suicide, telling you how you feel and think.
Domestic Violence Safety Plan
Practice how to get out of your home safely. Devise a code word with your children for when they need to run to tell someone. Identify a neighbor you can tell and ask that he or she call the police if there is a disturbance. Decide where you will go if you have to leave. If an argument seems unavoidable, have it in a room with several exits, not in a bathroom or kitchen.

When you decide to leave
- Call the police.
- Leave with your children if you can.
- Try to take keys, important papers, telephone numbers, money and some clothing, but don't take chances. The most important thing is to keep yourself and your children safe.
If you need help and a safe place to stay call the Support Center at anytime day or night.
The crisis line is answered 24/7 and all services are confidential and free of charge. The Support Center can provide emergency transportation, shelter, food and clothing. An advocate can assist you in filing for an Order of Protection as well as other needs.